Captain Rio’s Charters is about creating a unique experience for each guest. Whether someone is seeking adventure on the water, relaxation by the sandbar, romance with your loved one on a remote island, training in spearfishing or maybe the history of Key West topped off with a sunset cruise, they have got you covered.
Rio has an enormous amount of knowledge and expertise when it comes to “Sea Life” having grown up in Key Largo his whole life, as well as a local of Key West since 2008. He has worked as the head captain and crew for the popular Schooner Jolly 2 Rover 10 years and Damn the Rocks Charters Co. to name a few.
” We want to bring people out for a great time on the water, and at the same time make a difference in their life.” – Rio
A Young Captain Rio
A passionate person who believes that life is about great stories and living to the fullest every single day. Rio loves people, entertaining, sharing what he loves so much about the water, and at the same time providing the utmost customer service to ensure everyone leaves happy.